Sari Mulia University has an abbreviation of UNISM (read: yuni-SM in English) which means that Sari Mulia University holds a firm principle of life to advance education in Indonesia. The life principles held by Sari Mulia University are included in “The Golden Rules” as a guideline to sustain, develop and advance Sari Mulia University. The Golden Rules are:

  1. Kinship, which is the basis of building a solid foundation, based on belonging, caring for one another, loving with everlasting love and loyalty for UNISM, so as a basis for continuing to build and advance UNISM.
  2. Togetherness, which is a form of cooperation, mutual cooperation, and mutual respect with the principle of “Lightness with the same hand, the same weight borne” so that nothing is impossible that cannot be done, support each other and help one another.
  3. Sharing, the form of appreciation and justice in carrying out noble duties and responsibilities by always being guided by the values ​​of togetherness and complementary advantages and disadvantages of each so that it will produce a great strength in forming professional personnel.